Farm Cultural Park is an independent cultural center born in 2010 from the creative genius of Andrea Bartoli and Florinda Saieva.
Ten years ago Andrea and Florinda, choosing not to leave their city, choose instead to remain with the idea of giving their daughters, and future generations an opportunity: the chance to grow in a better place.
Farm is a development center for new educational methods, such as the School of Architecture for Children or the School of Politics for Young Women, and each year’s new exhibitions, events and performances add new pieces to the evolutionary history of Farm.
Today we offer our guests the opportunity to visit all the exhibition spaces through guided tours which are a very important storytelling moment through which explain all the meanings of the project.
To date, Farm is considered a research and study center as well as a touristic destination where every year, over 120,000 people come to admire the urban and social regeneration work carried out by Andrea and Florinda.

€ 25,00 to person

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