Quad excursions

Guided excursion with quad to discover the beauties of Agrigento, in the Ribera and Sciacca interland, between wooded areas, coastal areas and river fords.

Quad type
450 cc quad with power steering and engine brake (CF Moto model)

Quad excursion of 2 hours.
The tour will begin with a briefing during which your guides will explain how to drive the quad bike.

Starting from the historic center of the city of Ribera towards the castle of Poggio Diana, it will be possible to admire the Canyon of the Verdura river. You will immerse yourself in the wildest areas of the hinterland, through paths accessible only with this type of vehicle. You will cross river fords and underpasses and then go up highlands, with a breathtaking view. The route is panoramic and not particularly demanding and absolutely within everyone’s reach.


Quad 450 cc € 80.00 per quad

Membership Card
Use of the Quad
RC insurance
Disposable protective helmets and balaclavas